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Jasmine & Violet- A lockdown Success

Hi everybody!

I started the plant shop whilst in lockdown in march,

I was wholesaling house plants to local florists as I realised there was a gap in the market, When I first started in floristry about 25 years ago ( That makes me feel old) there were plant vans that came round with an array of house plants. it was exciting, I liken it to being like a kid in a sweet shop, about 10 years ago this all stopped when local firms could no longer make it viable with the dutch claiming most of the market coming from holland with their big swanky,shiny lorries and so the demise started.

So having decided that I was bored with floristry I decided to invest a bit of cash and set up on my own,offering florists the choice of buying of the van and in quantities they wanted, which being a florist is a great idea because you dont always want to buy a tray of everything- you end up not looking after them because other things take over and you end up chucking the profit away.

I had just started before mothering sunday when bang lockdown happened!

I had just over £2000 worth of stock and none of the shops were operating so I had to think on my feet and decided to build a webshop!! I came across shopify spent days trying to master the art. It wasnt easy and now I needed a name and after much thought I settled on Jasmine & Violet- Jasmine is my mums name and Violet is my great Nanny's Name- Couldn't use my nanny's name as brenda doesnt have the same ring to it! 

A massive learning curve but an enjoyable one at that. 

Trying to source a courier, packaging etc in a pandemic is not easy and it was hard work but I got there and I have now been running for 9 months.

I am going strong and have been amazed of the amount of orders I have packed. At the moment it stands at 550! 

never expected that at all and it is stressful at times but I wouldn't change it.