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Plants and Brexit- The New Normal

Its the 6th of January today and I am waiting for a plant delivery.

As you may know if you read my last blog my deliveries come in from holland usually you can order on a Monday and they will be with you on Wednesday the dutch are super efficient and have got this down to a fine art, that was until brexit.

I feel for them I do they have never had to deal with this before so its unknown territory for them from us having to acquire numbers such as Peach,Eori,Vat deferment it is all slightly taxing to say the least.

All plants now have to be checked over and issued phytosanitary certificates before they can leave and any tax that is outstanding has to be paid before it leaves the port.

These are testing times for our industry but like anything we will get through it in time, However I can see a price raise coming as all this extra man power and paper work will inevitably be paid by us. 

We already have costs for plant pass porting which has to be done in this country to stop the spread of disease and this leads to inspections which depending on how long they are here can cost a small fortune.

I used to give mine tea and biscuits but when I realized how much it was costing me I put a stop it! ( Only Joking)