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Spring is on its way! (Well Hopefully)

Sitting here this morning writing this blog and the birds are singing and the sun is shining! Having the sun out makes us feel so much better.

The Plants are happy that spring is on its way as they can start regrowing and really coming into their own, Houseplants typically go dormant in the winter months unless you can imitate their natural environment, I have a fern in the bathroom and it is throwing out new shoots all the time so I have started to feed her, She truly is loving life right now.

Typically the season to feed your houseplants is between March and September and also Re-potting should be left until march. On selling houseplants i often get messages and calls about re-potting plants and often people tend to re-pot as soon as they receive their new houseplant, This is not necessary plants tend to get a tad stressed being moved about and what you have to appreciate is most houseplants have been moved so many times before you receive them, from grower to warehouse to lorry to our shop etc so they like to get used to their own environment before being fussed over, I am a advocate for less is best! And to be truly honest unless you plant has lots of roots coming out the bottom of the pot why would you want to re-pot it?

So next time you receive a beautiful plant pop it somewhere, leave it a few weeks to settle, they really are sensitive little things.

Until next Time